View client testimonials from people who have worked with Darrin Andrus of Andrus Law PLC.

Darrin had to fight long and hard with the other insurance company in order for me to receive my fair settlement. He has both the knowledge and patience to walk you through a tough time. I would highly recommend Mr. Andrus as he was always there for me.

T.B Flushing. MI

Andrus Fights for Fair Workers Comp Settlement

Attorney Andrus is focused, determined and dedicated to achieving the best results for his clients. He has an excellent knowledge of the law and believes in the meticulous preparation of his cases, which is evident when you talk to him about your case. I am pleased to refer Attorney Andrus to anyone that wants a trustworthy, prompt and knowledgeable lawyer to take on your case. By choosing attorney Andrus you are most definitely on your way to what could be a successful case. Attorney Andrus won both my Social Security and Workers' Compensation cases.

K.A., Burton, MI

Andrus Wins Both SSD & Workers Comp Case

Darrin and his staff were able to get me my Social Security Disability benefits. I am so happy and pleased with him. He answered my questions in a timely manner with either an email or a phone call. I would highly recommend him.

Amy K., Flint, MI

Disability Benefits Won

Another local law firm tried my first SSI case and lost and they did not want to appeal it. Darrin appealed it and was able to get a remand back in front of the same judge and was able to win my case the second time around.

David M., Lapeer, MI

Won SSI Case Appeal

A friend told me how good of an attorney Darrin was. He helped me win my Social Security Disability case. His office was awesome. Thank you!!

Dwayne N., Davison, MI

Disability Case Won

I needed a lawyer to appeal the denial of Social Security benefits. Through meetings and pamphlets I was able to answer questions posed to me at my hearing. I would certainly recommend his office to everyone. Both Darrin and Kristin are very professional. Thank you both.

Linda C., Standish, MI

Won Social Security Benefits Previously Denied

I was a passenger in a car accident where I was in a coma, which caused me to have a traumatic brain injury, hence a disability, which caused me problems to hold down a job. Darrin helped me get on Social Security Disability which has given me the means to hold a part-time job now and be able to support myself as if I was working full-time, which I am unable to do because of my disability. I would recommend Darrin to everyone.

Todd L., Millington, MI

Won Accident Disability Claim

I was referred by a friend to Mr. Andrus. My overwhelming fight was completely handled with extreme compassion and professionalism. We were able to settle my workers compensation case and I won my Social Security Disability benefits. I have referred several friends to Mr. Andrus.

Selena R., Swartz Creek, MI

SSD & Workers Comp Case Won

I came to see Darrin for Social Security Disability and a Workers' Compensation claim that was in dispute. I received a nice payout on the workers' compensation case and Darrin won my Social Security Disability case. I would recommend him to everyone.

Richard K., Flint, MI

Darrin Wins Case in Dispute

No other law firms wanted to work with me, but Darrin said that he could help me get my Social Security Disability. He won my case. I would recommend him to everyone that has been denied his or her disability benefits.

Tony N., Flushing, MI

SSD Benefits Won

I had a workers' compensation claim against General Motors and a Social Security Disability case. We won both my cases and Darrin handled everything so professionally and was great to work with. I would highly recommend him.

Maria M., Fenton, MI

Worker's Comp Claim Won

Workers Comp would not pay over $70,000 in medical bills related to a car accident I sustained while working. Mr. Andrus helped me with my claim when no other attorneys would assist me with my case and all of my bills were paid. Mr. Andrus did what none of the other attorneys in the area could do. Thanks Mr. Andrus.

Judy H., Holt, MI

Workers Comp Would Not Pay