Don't Foot the Bill for Your Workplace Injury

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Have you recently been injured on the job? Workplace accidents can leave you with debilitating physical and emotional wounds, making it difficult to return to work and earn your wage. For help filing a workers' compensation claim, turn to Andrus Law Firm, PLC in Grand Blanc, MI.

Your dedicated workers' compensation attorney will look out for your best interests, filing your claim properly and negotiating with your employer's insurance company to get you the highest possible payout.

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Common workplace injuries

Many employees never take full advantage of workers' compensation insurance, thinking they're placing a burden on their employer. The truth is that your company is paying into their insurance policy for situations exactly like yours.

We can help you get maximum compensation for:

Slip-and-fall accidents
Low back injuries
Head or neck injuries
Muscle strains and sprains
Orthopedic injuries, such as Shoulder, Knee, etc.
Repetitive trauma injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, etc.