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Have You Been Injured on the Job? We Can Help!

We’ve won $1,000,000s in lifetime benefits for our clients. 


If any of the following are true for you, you should schedule a FREE CONSULTATION with as soon as possible.

  • Your workplace injuries are severe enough to require surgery.
  • Your injuries are severe enough that your life will be permanently altered, either because of permanent bodily impairment or a change in ability to work. If you and your doctor believe your health won’t return to the condition it was prior to your injury, you may be entitled to a “permanent partial disability” award.
  • You believe you are no longer able to work on a regular basis in any job.
  • You believe you cannot go back to work at your current job, but believe you could work in some capacity.
  • You have significant preexisting disabilities.
  • If any aspect of your claim is in dispute with your employer, or your employer’s insurance company, or your state’s workers’ compensation division.  The dispute process is highly legal, involving complex rules and procedures that a lawyer can help you navigate.
  • You believe you are not receiving the correct benefits, or wonder if there are additional benefits you could receive.
  •  Your medical benefits are denied.
  • You do not understand the workers’ comp process and would feel more comfortable if an expert were representing your interests.

Regardless of the circumstances of your workers’ compensation claim, you are entitled to obtain an attorney.

The sooner you contact us, the better because it is much easier to gather  evidence and get your claim moving in the right direction early on, than it is to play ‘catch up’ once it’s already in litigation.

Learn more about Workers’ Compensations Benefits you may be entitled to.

Request a Free Consultation

Andrus Law Firm, PLC offers free consultations to discuss your workers’ compensation claim.  The consultation is 30-60 minutes long and can be conducted in person, via email or over the phone.

We will discuss your claim, determine if you need representation, go over how our fees are paid (only if we win).   If you are appealing an adverse decision, we will  be honest regarding your chances of success after reviewing all the facts.

Think you need a lawyer?  Do you have questions? 

If you have any questions, please give us a call at (810) 694-3006 or fill out this FREE CASE REVIEW form to schedule your consultation. We are happy to answer your questions and get you the information you need to get the benefits you deserve.

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