Legal Representation for SSD Claims


At what point should I consider legal representation?

We generally advise people to file their initial application by themselves with Social Security. Many people are awarded benefits at this step, so there is no need to incur the expense of an attorney. HOWEVER, once you have been turned down on this initial application, we advise you to seek representation immediately as you have only 60 days to appeal the decision of Social Security, which generally entails asking for a hearing in front of a judge.

What does it cost to have an attorney represent me?

We handle Social Security Disability cases based on a CONTINGENT FEE basis:  meaning there is NO FEE unless we are successful. Our fee is set by the government. But generally, the fee is 25% of past due benefits only (subject to a “cap”, i.e. maximum set by the government, currently $6,000.00).
You could get benefits for 30 years of more and there is no fee on those monies. We do charge “win or lose” for expenses. By expenses, we mean the cost of medical records, conferences or statements by your doctor, or other related expenses to your case.  But not our general operating expenses.
All fees charged have to be approved by the Social Security Administration.

Source: Social Security Administration. Publication No. 05-10029. Social Security Disability Benefits. January 2003.

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