How Are Workers Compensation Claims Paid?

Workers’ compensation benefits are ordinarily paid on a weekly basis. There are a number of circumstances, however, under which workers can receive a payment of benefits in a single lump sum. When an employer has denied benefits and a case is eventually decided in favor of the worker, the worker is usually entitled to receive … Read more

When to File a Workers Compensation Claim

Whenever a worker is injured on the job, he or she should immediately report the injury to the immediate supervisor. If a problem does not result from a single event but instead results from an exposure over a long period of time, the worker should report the injury as soon as he or she knows … Read more

Workers Comp Attorney Fees

How Much Will My Workers Comp Claim Cost Me? Workers are usually represented by attorneys who are paid on the basis of a contingent percentage fee. The worker is not ordinarily required to pay any fee or monies when he or she hires the attorney. Instead the attorney agrees to accept as his or her … Read more

When Do I Need A Workers Comp Lawyer?

When Do I Need a Lawyer for My Worker’s Compensation Claim? If your workplace injuries are relatively minor and you expect to go back to work at your current place of employment, with your current job, and you do not expect your workplace injury to result in permanent loss of bodily function or an inability … Read more